Dodge City

Dodge City comes to Calmore on Saturday 6th October when the 5th New Forest North Scouts and 2nd Testwood Guides are holding a Wild West Fair at their headquarters in Blackwater Drive.

Highlight of the Fair, which starts at 2pm, will be a Wild West shoot-out staged by the Southern Comancheros show team from Waterlooville. This group of Western enthusiasts, complete with their own Wild West town, authentic clothing and equipment promise exciting entertainment for the whole family.

For the peace loving cowboy there will be Country and Western music from Kentucky Straight, plus a whole host of Western, and not-so-Western, games and stalls.

Young cowboys and girls, Indian braves and squaws are invited to take part in a fancy dress competition.

All proceeds go to group funds, and an enjoyable afternoon is guaranteed. So why not mosey on over to Calmore on Saturday 6th October.

The cutting shown on the right and the above text was originally published in the Observer local paper and this text remains copyright of the original author.