Fundraising News – June 2014

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Fundraising is a corner stone of our success. Help us reach more Scouts than ever before! Catch up with what we’re doing right now by reading our latest Fundraising News and our report to our recent AGM.

Fundraising News

Please get in touch if you have any ideas for fundraising or are willing to become a fund raising committee member as we need all the help we can get!

Fancy a Ruby Murray?

We are hoping to organise a fun, curry-tastic night out at a local Indian restaurant. The idea is that you, your family and friends (adults only) come along for an evening of entertainment and all you can eat buffet of glorious Indian food. The Group will get a portion of the ticket money, meaning you get a great night out knowing you’ve helped your local Scout Group!

50 Shades of Fundraising

Believe it or not the sales from the Second-hand books totalled over £200 last year. Recycling at its best, and a brilliant way to raise money. Keep it up book lovers! We’re also doing really well on our other recycling projects: collecting plastic bottle tops, ink and toner cartridges and mobile phones. And don’t forget those Sainsbury’s Active Kid’s vouchers as we’ve got over 800 so far! All these go towards helping the group with very little effort, so keep it up!

Could you cycle from here to Africa?

Well that’s what we’ll be asking our young people to do soon so get your cycling shorts at the ready! Oh all right not literally but we will be holding a static cycle ride soon! We are hoping to ride the distance from here to Lord Baden Powell’s resting place in Nyeri in Kenya with all sections chipping in to help. This will be a sponsored event with all proceeds going towards the group. Details are to follow so watch this space!

AGM Report

Bingo! No, I’ve not won anything but this is how we came to have this great headquarters. Bingo at the Antler Club raised the funds for the group to build this building we now call home and has ran continually ever since, although its popularity has diminished somewhat since the 60s. So now as we look to improve the facilities and provide better Scouting for this and the next generation of young people, we need to raise more money. So what are we doing? Absolutely loads!

One way is which is a really simple way to help us raise funds. By visiting their website before shopping online at Amazon, eBay and all the major high street stores and supermarkets, we’re given up to 2% of your spend at no cost to you! You’re spoilt for choice and you shop normally on the retailers website.

The important thing about fundraising is for it not to be the same people digging into their pockets, i.e. leaders and parents. We need to get those outside to donate too! I want to take this opportunity to invite you all again on our sponsored walk to Winchester – it will be a fantastic day out. I have even made getting sponsorship easier as you can now donate via text through Just Text Giving.

More info on this and all the fundraising schemes are available at our Scout HQ or on our website.

Got any other ideas or want to get involved? Contact us here.