Active Kids 2017: A month to go!

Once again, we are collecting Sainsbury’s Active Kids vouchers to help us bring everyday adventure to even more of our youngsters. Since we started taking part a few years ago, we have received new sports and other outdoor equipment for all sections allowing a higher quality experience for all.

We have one month left to go and already we have collected over 1,200 vouchers a fantastic amount. The challenge now is to reach a new milestone – perhaps 2,000 by the deadline!

How did we do last year?

In 2016 we continued our record breaking trend with a total of 1,864 vouchers, fully 600 more than 2015. With this, we managed to gain new rubber balls for all sections, some cones for the Cub scouts while the Beaver scouts received some hoops and blindfolds for more inclusive activities.

How can you help?

You can collect vouchers until the 2nd May from any Sainsbury’s superstore, local shop, petrol station or if you buy your shopping online from the Sainsbury’s website. You’ll get one voucher for every £5 you spend from a Sainsbury’s Local or for every £10 you spend at a normal Sainsbury’s.

Once you have them, simply drop them in the box in our HQ – it is on the book shelf near the book sales.

So ask all your friends, ring in family and mention it during the work’s tea break because if we get lots of vouchers then we can get bigger and better bits of kit. We may not be local to a Sainsbury’s store and all the schools are also collecting, but we know we can do well if we ask widely.