We need trustees: Are you our missing piece?

Scouts happens when a lot of us give a little.

Every single person who brings Scouts to our young people – your young people – is a volunteer. They do it because we want our young people to dream big, give it a go, and build skills for life. And because it’s great fun, incredibly rewarding and is good for us too.

Now we need you.

We need people to help out in all sorts of ways in our meeting place and behind the scenes. These are roles that we, as leaders, can’t fill – they need to come from our community and our parents. They’re vital to run our group for all our young people.

  • The Group Chair leads our trustees, setting the agenda and making sure that together we follow the rules.
  • The Group Treasurer ensures the group has enough money and our accounts are accurate. They work with our leaders to do this so they’re not alone.
  • Our parent reps are trustees that check our decisions are in the best interests of our young people, our parents and our community.

All our trustee roles are very flexible and have a minimal time commitment – only a handful of meetings a year. You’re not signing up for a lifelong commitment – just to help out, when and where you can.

We’re also looking for a hall cleaner – they would need to be self-employed or employed by a relevant agency and pay would be competitive.

Are you our missing piece? If you can help, or think you know who would be perfect for any of these roles, then get in touch directly or fill in the form linked below.

Want to know more about being a Trustee? Check out this pack from the Scouts:

More about the roles:

Group Chair

The chair is the leader of our trustee board.

Together, the trustees make sure we’re working at our best for your young people and that we follow all the rules. The chair does this by making sure our meetings are effective, efficient and focused. They keep an eye on the decisions and actions agreed to make sure they happen (and quickly!) so we can grow, keep everyone safe and more young people can get involved. They also help welcome and induct new trustees.

They’re not alone in these roles and have the support of the trustees, Group Scout Leader and the wider district behind them. Plus there’s training on hand. Time commitment is flexible and comes down to a handful of meetings a year.

Group Treasurer

The treasurer makes sure the group has a sound financial footing and keeps the other trustees informed of this.

They work alongside section leaders and fundraising teams so that accounts are kept well across the group and these are presented to the trustees and to the wider world at our AGM. They flag any issues they spot so our volunteer managers can sort them, and help the other trustees plan for the future so we have enough resources and reserves to continue Scouting, whatever life throws at us.

Training is available on how to be a good trustee with some additional support to bring volunteers up to speed on what the Scout and Charity Commission rules say. Plus there’s support from others within the district as well as within the group.

We’re committed to make everything as straight-forward as possible so that time commitment can be flexible around your life.

Parent reps (trustees)

Our parent reps are elected to the trustee board to ensure our decisions are in the best interest of our young people and don’t affect our parents and carers.

They are members of the trustee board so vote on improvements, ensuring we’re well resourced and financed and hold our leaders to account. Together they make sure we change with the times and constantly strive for the best for our young people.

The time commitment is around five meetings a year.