Sainsbury’s Active Kids 2015

SAK15Sainsbury’s Active Kids is back! 

This year there are more products to choose from so all you need to do from this moment forward is to start collecting those vouchers!
Building on Success
Last year we managed to collect around 800 vouchers, a remarkable feat given we’re 5 miles away from the nearest store. 
Using these we managed to get a cricket set, which will no doubt become very useful on the upcoming District Camp. Plus a stopwatch and some tennis balls that are already proving themselves of great worth in section meetings every week.
Get Collecting!
You can collect Active Kids vouchers from now until Tuesday 5th May. One is gained for every £10 spent in store or for every £5 in a Sainsbury’s Local. It even applies for home delivery shopping!
So please spread the word! When you’re at work or doing the weekend shop keep collecting. Ask your friends, family, colleagues to help us make this our best year yet. 
Let’s make it third year lucky and break 1,000 for the first time!
Check out what we could spend it on at the Active Kids website.