Sainsbury’s Active Kids: Thank you so much!

A big thank you to all in our community who donated Sainsbury’s Active Kids vouchers to us.

It was truly great to see the wide community rally round the group and collect the vouchers from far and wide. Parents, leaders, work colleagues and of course the extensive networks of people who support the group through bingo or Chinwaggers all played their part and the result was astounding.

Despite not being located that near to any Sainsbury’s stores, we managed to collect an astounding¬†3,321 vouchers, nearly double our total from last year (1,864 in case you’re wondering).

What did we get?

Vouchers can be used mostly for equipment to keep children active through exercise, or healthy through cooking a balanced diet. This year we have mainly gone for the latter as we have a lovely new kitchen recently opened at our AGM.

Adding to our new cooking equipment we received two saucepans and a frying pan, a baking tray, mixing bowl, a fish slice and a box grater so we can hopefully cook up a storm. We also gained a set of twelve plastic mugs to add to the travelling camping set. Away from the cooking equipment, the Beaver scouts also gained a new parachute so they can play their games.

That’s it for the moment, Active Kids will (doubtless) return in the new year so keep your eyes open for news then.