AGM 2018: Fundraising report

The group are doing well on bottle tops. There are another 14 bags to be collected so we should soon have enough weight to receive some money for them. The amount we have sent off so far is the same weight as 11 German Shepherd dogs. This is an amazing amount of plastic which will now not be dumped into landfill or end up in our oceans!

Can people please make sure it is just milk bottle tops as it makes it so much easier to sort through, thank you. Also can the tops please be rinsed/washed before handing in to the group as the recycling centre will not accept them if they are soiled. The lady at the recycling centre advised that our Scout group are one of the best charities they have because of the amount we have collected in the time we have been collecting so well done everyone and keep collecting!

Clothing bin is continuing to do well and has been full every couple of months.

Beavers and Cubs attended a Christmas film night which they all enjoyed! We had hot dogs and popcorn while watching a film; charged at £3 per head or £2.50 if they brought siblings.

We have discussed a Christmas shopping event for November to be held at the scout hut. Date and details will be confirmed soon.

As always any volunteers or ideas are greatly appreciated!