AGM 2018: Antler Club report

Antler club is still going well and anyone is welcome to join us.

The Pat Turner fund has £100 in the kitty to help those feeling the pinch towards camps. This is for all individuals within the 5th New Forest North (Testwood) Scout group. If you would like more information about this fund please speak to one of the leaders in the group who will be happy to help you. All the people of the Antler Club would like in return is to know what fun and adventures your young person had on camp.

I would also like to thank all those involved with the bingo club (Antler Club) for the money they have raised over the many years it has been running. They are a great bunch of people and rarely get any thanks for the fantastic job they do for the group.

All cleaning materials, bin bags and toilet rolls (the hut gets through lots of these) have all been paid for by the Antler Club profits. This means everyday running costs are lower and the group can then use its own money on making sure the young people have a safe and secure place to do all their scouting activities and learn all those important ‘skills for life’.

Find out more or join today at our page here.

Tracy Hogan (Antler Club Lead)