Cub Scouts take on challenge to help the homeless

From an activity one week to making real change, it’s been quite a journey for one of our cub packs.

In Autumn 2021, our Cub Scouts took part in Parliament week, a national campaign organised by the UK Government. It’s aim if to help our young people learn about our democracy and how they can have a say to make a difference. With both packs encouraged to ‘plant a seed of change’, they chose an issue they felt passionate about and thought about how they could make change.

For the young people of Endeavour Cub Pack, they chose tackling homelessness, an issue they had seen too much of. After learning about the issue, early in 2022 they explored the exact ways they could make a change. In a youth led move from start to finish, with the Cubs deciding what to do, a plan was put in place to raise money for a homeless charity to buy the things needed to help those without a home.

Craig Challis, Cub Scout volunteer leader with 5th Testwood said:

“I was in a unique position to be able to talk to the Cubs about working with young people who are threatened by or are homeless and they decided they wanted to support the charity I work for. Knowing now who they wanted to support, they thrashed around ideas on how to raise the funds and lots of great suggestions came out of this. Finally they arrived at the idea of sleeping rough themselves and being sponsored to do so.”

With an aim now in mind, the Cubs experienced what is was going to be like to sleep rough by bedding down under the stars in our HQ’s outdoor area with only cardboard to protect them from the elements. With a fire to keep them warm and a supper from our own soup kitchen, they got to know what it was like.

In the morning, the Cubs awoke to a new day and over breakfast made time to wish a happy birthday to a Cub Scout and leader, amazing considering they gave up part of their special day to make this happen.

After all the sponsorship money was brought in, they had raised an amazing £1067! With this money, donated to No Limits, an advice and counselling centre in Southampton, young people in need or sleeping rough now have access to what they need.

From basic mobile phones and SIM cards to stay in touch and be able to apply for jobs through to what they need to stay safe such as attack alarms. Plus there were sleeping bags, hot water bottles, hats and gloves to keep warm as well as hygiene products and underwear for personal health. Even Pot Noodles formed part of the package.

We think our Cubs are amazing and can’t wait to see what the other Cub Pack, Discovery, do with their project.