Meet Aaron, the Beaver Scout who has earned every badge.

At Scouts we learn lots of skills for life and for Beaver Scout Aaron that’s no different.

Throughout his two years as a Beaver Scout, Aaron has worked incredibly hard to earn as many badges as possible. From core badges to challenge awards, activity badges and having a say with the YouShape award, he’s had a go at them all. It’s more impressive given he started just before the Coronavirus pandemic changed the way we do Scouts drastically.

It’s the first time one of our Beavers has earned all 23 activity badges. These cover skills as broad as photography, animal friendship and money skills. This is in addition to the six challenge awards and the top award for the section, the Chief Scout’s Bronze Award which Aaron earned earlier this year.

Beaver Scout Leader, Steven Osborn, said:

It’s rare that we see such dedication and determination as we saw with Aaron. He started out, even in the days of being stuck at home, with an aim to earn every badge. We’re so proud that he’s done it.

The sleeve of his uniform is a rich record of all the skills he’s tried. I can’t wait to see what Aaron achieves in the next stage of his Scouts journey in Cubs. Best of luck to him!

Aaron received a special certificate at his last night of Beavers by Robin Mair, one of New Forest Scout’s lead volunteers.

Hear about some of Aaron’s highlights in the video below:

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