Scrapheap challenge

On the Wednesday before half term, a group of intrepid cubs, parents and leaders set out on the Scrapheap challenge. The brief: using the huge pile of assorted materials, and including 6 tubes, build a robot with a function.
Some of the older scouts and explorers made a robot that serves you or shoots you. Another group made an impressive standing up person robot and all of the groups did indeed create a good robot that did perform a function.
However the winner went to the group that created ‘Robbie’ the robot, a gold clad robot that danced like Michael Jackson and had a remote control to boot. Some say he was brilliant. Others say he was a cub wrapped in tin foil. However, this group pulled trough to win the scrapheap challenge
A congratulations to all who came along, Cubs, Parents, Leaders, Brothers and Sisters who gave up their time, brought the creations to life, and destroyed them afterwards with such glee.
We hope to include pictures of the robots on the Cubs gallery in the near future.