Look out at the carnival.

Totton Carnival 2013This year several members of the group took part in the Totton Carnival on Saturday 22 June 2013. The theme of the carnival was ‘Totton goes to the movies’ so for us there really only was one choice.

As some may know, many aspects of the Cub section revolves around the Jungle Book with our Cub leaders taking their names from characters in the book. So when we have to pick a movie, of course we’re going to do the Jungle Book.

The parade itself started from Calmore Industrial Estate before making its way down Salisbury Road, into the heart of Totton, across the train line and down to the funfair and show in Eling Recreation Ground.

The turnout for the whole carnival was great, the funfair was a nice way to end the day for all those that took part and we hope that everyone enjoyed it, whether you were on the float or watching! Our thanks to all those who made the carnival a possibility!