Maintenance day – bigger and better!

Maintenance dayThe support shown for this, our second event was truly amazing!

With over 40 volunteers we had someone from every section from Beavers to Network, leaders, parents and grandparents all willing to muck in to help out. Fueled by tea and a BBQ, they achieved an enormous amount of work:

  • We completely cleared the roof of moss and replaced some of the broken tiles, identifying the rest for later.
  • We cleared the compound of rubbish, broken concrete and a team of determined volunteers managed to prise an old tree stump out of the ground! All went into a very full skip to be taken away.
  • The gates to our HQ and the doors to the Quartermaster’s store were sanded down and repainted green to match our scarf.
  • The tree canopy was raised up, with many of the scouts showing off their skills and leaving us with a large pile of firewood for backwards cooking.
  • New guttering, soffits and fascia boards were applied to the side of the roof and took an early test during the hailstone storm!
  • The brambles and rubbish from behind the Explorer Den was cleared, returning it to a usable state once again.
  • We added another layer of felt to the roof of the Minibus garage.