Maintenance day – thank you to local businesses

2013 Maintenance dayTwas a chilly November morning and all through the day you could find parents and leaders beavering away. Trying to make our HQ as good as new, not to mention clean and tidy too!

On 16 November leaders, parents, friends of the group and a Beaver Scout all came along to help make our HQ the best it can be. It was of course going to be a challenge – our last day had been so successful we were close to running out of jobs to do! So what did we actually manage to do?

  • We replaced the last 40 cracked roof tiles, so that with any luck our roof will not leak again. We also replaced any water damaged interior ceiling tiles and cleared the gutters of muck. This means that the scaffolding tower that has been lurking in the corner of our hall for so long can now finally be put away for a couple of years.
  • Since our last maintenance day, we put in a fence to separate the car park from the field. We treated the fence so that it’ll last a lot longer and now looks very smart.
  • So we wouldn’t have to spend as long pulling weeds, we put down some geo-textile and some gravel, kindly donated to us by Sydenhams, and bordered by boards kindly donated by Totton Timber. This makes the compound storage area and behind the explorer den usable spaces once more.
  • We also took out all of the windows along one side and gave them a good clean before replacing them.

So once again a massive thank you to all who came along and helped. We’d also like to thank Sydenhams who donated most of the three massive bags of gravel needed and to Totton Timber who donated the gravel boards to keep it all in!