Thank you’s and well done’s

It’s all been so manic! Nearly every section has been up to something this weekend showing it’s easy to get involved even though it may be cold outside.

The Beavers and the Cubs took on the rest of the district (that’s all the Groups from Totton, Copythorne, Lyndhurst and Netley Marsh) in a swimming gala last Saturday. They all had a really good time and they can all be really proud of themselves. We look forward to the challenge again next year!
Meanwhile the Scouts and some of the older Cubs were enjoying a completely different challenge – Winter Camp! There’ll be more on this in the weeks to follow, hopefully including pictures, but suffice as to say they really enjoyed themselves including an little run at 3am!
Finally a massive thank you to those who came and helped improve our HQ again. We removed all the windows from one side and repainted them, treated the new fence to the field and put down some gravel in the compound and behind the explorer den, hopefully meaning we won’t have to do much weeding around there any time soon!
More on these to come, but until then a massive thank you and well done.