Keep Scouting during the summer

We learn new skills all year round. So while Scouts may not be meeting just yet, why not try a few of these things to keep you busy during the summer holidays.

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Helen Glover and a group of Scouts sit in a tree near a campfire.

There are so many badges in Scouts that we couldn’t possibly cover all of them. Instead, there are lots that you can choose to do yourself over the summer to proudly show off. Some give you a taster while others help you become an expert in the area.

You can find the different badges on the Scout website at the links below. Once you’ve done everything for it, just show your leader.

If that’s not taking your fancy, then there are lots of activities on the Scout website to try. Some even link in to the badges. Why not have a go at these which are good for you.

Beaver Scouts Summer Challenge

Beaver Scouts is 35 years old this year, so some of our summer challenges have a 35 theme while some of them focus on what we do best – making friends and getting outside.

More will be added as the holiday goes on.

Beavers is 35 years old this year! Happy birthday to us. But what badges might the Beavers of tomorrow be doing?

Be as imaginative as you can and think of a badge you’d like to try and draw what it might look like.
Find out about a landmark or something interesting. It could be locally or when exploring somewhere new.
Follow a path or a trail around a wild place. We’re not picky but somewhere you can see and hear some nature things are ideal. This could be somewhere on holiday or locally. If you’re staying close to home, Testwood Lakes or the forest work well for this. As you walk, can you find something for every colour of the rainbow?
Make a sculpture of something you enjoy at Beavers using only natural materials. Think twigs, leaves, mud, sand, stones and so on. Make sure you tell us what it is when you share it.

If you’re interested and want to join in September, check out our page that tells you more.