New night for Scouts, new members of the team and ready for Autumn

Welcome back from the summer and we have some news.

First we’re officially changing our name but don’t worry it’s not much different. As part of the merging of the New Forest North and New Forest West districts, we’re now going to be part of New Forest district. This means a new district badge but also saying goodbye to the ‘New Forest North’ from our group name. We’re now 5th Testwood Scout Group. Hi.

As we open a new chapter it doesn’t stop our determination to work the best we can to give young people skills for life where we live. We’ve got exciting plans and we can’t wait to share them.

A new night for Scouts

Lets be honest, Monday nights at our place were a bit crowded. We had our Scout troop and Cerberus Explorer Unit meeting there at the same time and with social distancing last term that made it hard at times.

Sharing may not have been an option and forcing one section to be away from our HQ or outside wasn’t ideal.

Instead Monday nights is now dedicated to our Explorers who can use the entire hall for their games and activities, preparing them for whatever they want to do next. And our Scout troop has taken over Thursday nights for their adventures.

Fresh faces on the team


Team Testwood has also welcomed a few new faces over the past few months including Andy as a Cub volunteer leader and Julie as our new Group Scout Leader.

Fancy giving it a go? All our sections want to grow their team so if you fancy pitching in and having fun while doing it then give us a shout. After all, volunteering is great for your mental health and helps our young people too.

Interested? Email [email protected].

Back out and about and camping

Now that the summer is over, all our sections have their plans in full slow. Our Cub Scouts welcomed parents to join their Cubs on camp and prove who was best while our Beaver Scouts and Scouts have more nights away planned soon.