Maintenance Day – November 2017. Thank You!

Last Saturday, the we held a maintenance day at our HQ to tidy it up ready for winter and to carry out some improvement jobs. Thanks to the help of our community, from leaders to parents and the scouts themselves, we managed to get loads done.

All our hedges were trimmed back both inside and around the outside of our perimeter and unhealthy tree branches removed on the advice of our tree surgeon. These were then broken down by our volunteers and then taken away, along with several large bags of leaves which were collected from our training field, car park and surrounding areas.

We also made sure that the paths around the outside of our compound were left in a clean and tidy condition, at least until the weather has anything to say about it.

All of our guttering was cleared of mud and in some places grass and the area behind the Explorer den was cleared of brambles helping it once again become a more usable space. On the subject of tidying, the wood store was tidied up and the trailer shed cleared allowing the trailer to fit inside it comfortably once more. Finally, the fence between car park and training field was treated so it will last longer.

Our thanks once again to all the leaders, helpers, parents and scouts who made this possible. Many donated their time generously to help us out and improve our HQ for everyone.

There is of course still many more jobs before our HQ has been brought fully into the 21st Century, and our current fundraising is all working towards making our dreams a reality.

If you want to find out how you can help, get in touch and keep an eye out for details of our next day.